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Hey there!

I am Koushik Gopal C

UX/UI Designer from India.

Koushik Gopal C

I am passionate about creating delightful user experiences and user interfaces that reduce friction and encourage the user's to engage, interact and achieve their goal.

Currently, I help brands by building tailored solutions to achieve their business goals. Mostly focused on banking, fintech, FMCG and tech brands in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific.

core skills

Project planning


Interface Design


Building Design system

I love to design a simple, goal oriented user interface based on user research and analytics. I follow the atomic design methodology for a clear and consistent workflow. As for UX, I analyse the best practices to tune them to fit defined user personas.

I enjoy working as a team. My basic understanding of front-end development helps me create user interfaces and website experiences that are good and easy to implement.


I specialise in visual design, strategy and leadership. In all my projects, I try to find a quick and efficient workflow to complete the project.
Communication, a strong work ethic and self-discipline have driven my experience in a myriad of specialities.

If you’d like to talk to me about your upcoming project, or interested to know more,  feel free to reach out. 😊